'Social' Vibe Strain | Three Pack 1g Pre-Rolled 'Rollies' Premium Vermont CBD Hemp Flower

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Three Pack of 1 gram each RAW pre-rolled blunts 'Rollies' 
VIBE - Social
Vibe is a Indica / Sativa hybrid CBD blend created for the demands of your social lifestyle.
This exclusive premium blend creates a High Energy uplifting vibe, with a calm relaxed feeling.
Vibe helps calm your body and mind, you'll feel energized, focused, ready to take on any social engagement.
This is an exclusive Lifter / Hawaiian Haze hybrid blend.  

CBD Content: 18.548% to 19.332%
Less than 0.3% THC. Federally Legal in all 50 States

Compare before you Buy:
Our Premium Vermont CBD hemp flower is one of the best you can buy.
Compare our lab reports to other CBD Hemp Flower you'll be pleasantly surprised.
CBD percentage is up to 40% higher than other Lifter Hemp Flower strains at over 18.5% 
Not for sale in some states, check your local laws before purchasing
US Sales only